Holy Farmers

by Holy Farmers

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released March 5, 2013



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Holy Farmers Sweden

Wood burning stoves, trees, sugar snap peas, urban anxiety, birds, growth and decay.

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Track Name: The End of a Season (The Farm Song)
The fire is burning in the stove
The hens are scratching in the yard
The frost sets on a full moon's night
Bathing in its light

The cows will soon move in
escape the winter's wind
The swallow retreats to her far off nest
the warmth of Marrakesh


How can I return
to the city streets
How can I return?

The leaves become one
with the soil where they've come from
It's time to sow the winter rye
before the snow arrives

The city calls my name
I catch the morning train
As I enter the station
I long for home again


As I reflect
on all that I have learned
A boy I was when I arrived
A man I return
Track Name: Wooded Shrines
In wooded shrines
I contemplate my actions
If time exists
then this thought
is not too late

In bows and branches
I see the faces of the great
Looking down at me
with eyes of the sky
that concourse on high

I hear the rustling of the leaves
Feel the hand of a wind I cannot see
I never thought I would see you again
Fire in your eyes and wind in your mane

A conference of birds
surrounds my crown
In warbles I drown
I hear the reeds and ride the steeds
through valleys before I die
Track Name: High Treason
My sentence is high treason
from your majesty's court
And I cant plead to reason
when I’m a head too short

My body's hung, drawn and quartered
this is what you've ordered
My limbs to the four corners
but truth still lies within these borders

And my last wish is to blow you a kiss
so throw my ashes to the wind
in hopes they descend upon your lips
once again

For if you buried my body
it would not find rest
Your name heats my cold breath
and my heart beats in this chest


I rise from the dead
like leavened bread
I rise to you

I curse now only these veils
between you and me
Veils I've woven from the finest silk
spun of vanity

And only now I realize
that I have always been blessed
What was behind the veil
is the answer to my test

And every path leads
to the crimson ark
If only I'd have known
I'd have blessed my foes from the start

Track Name: Warbling
Now I can feel
the streams around my heel
The soft flowing waters
that turn the wheels

Now I can hear
your melody so clear
The warbling from the branches
above me dear


How can I know
which of the four winds blow
And where can I lay my head
when the most precious words remain unsaid

Now I can see
the leaves on your tree
The love you gave to me
when I was small

And I can't explain
how I forgot your name
When the picture could no longer be
contained in the frame


verse one and two